The Friend I like to Talk About

Who is it? i am going to talk? It belongs to a special person who is reading this message sent with beautiful wishes from someone who has been blessed by her friendship and good personality.

Someone who is special meet my friend Hedieh, Let me formally introduced, a very sweet girl and have a very pretty heart and I like her really, she said that she want to live with herself and you know she is Arabic and English teacher also and she is itself a student of law, so that’s the thing she is good that she is responsible.

Hedieh don’t please angry on me I really want u to tell that everything in my mind about you, so sorry if u feel bad and I do not want to tell a lie with you and my English is weak, English teacher so don’t mind hahaha and there is something that I want to said

When you Think you are not happy with your
Always think that someone is happy simply Because

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