World Top Romantic Places

Venice the most romantic place of the world according to the journalists.

1. Venice Most Romantic place of the World

Venice is the place of lovers and from every corner of the world people come here and enjoy this romantic place,it is place for lovers,they enjoy Venice beautiful streets,European romantic stories are from here,true love stories and the most attractive things are here architecture,art and music and museums and Hofburg Imperial palace.

2. Paris European City Romatic Place of the world

Paris is the second romantic place of the world,romantic and beautiful place of europe,in the evening or any time city walks and very amazing,world best hotels and restaurants are here,museums,valentine old fashion traditions are here and that's why it is the place for lovers.

3. Sri lanka Colombo Romantic Place of the World

Colombo is very attractive and amazing place in Sri lanka,beautiful and romantic place with beaches and landscapes and tea gardens are here,Hotels in Colombo are very amazing,top hotels are Grand oriental hotel,hotel topaz and Galway hotel Lodge.

4. Seychelles Romantic Place of the World

Seychelles is very romantic place in the world and beautiful beaches with Luxury hotels and beautiful romantic trees,its a honeymoon paradise.

5. Rome Fendi Romantic Place of the World

Rome is charming place for stay and lovers can enjoy their romance here,Rome landmarks and historical sites are very amazing.

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