Angelina Jolie in Pakistan for Flood Releif

Angelina Jolie must still on occasion succumb to the mind-numbing exhaustion that accompanies being the matriarch of a six child household. In spite of what can only be a perpetually frenetic pace of making meals, wiping noses and being a constant source of Mom-u-tainment.

The portion of Pakistan that is flooded is equivalent to the size of England (yes, the country).

Compared to the 290,000 homes damaged/destroyed following the tragic Haiti earthquake,

Pakistani victims have lost 1,500,000 homes to the flood.

$2 billion worth of farm crops covering 2.5m acres (994,642 hectares) are now destroyed.

500,000 cows succumbed to the flood.

Fortunately less than 2000 people died directly in Flood.

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