New Honda civic 2011

Taking the Lead....
Honda civic has always been at the forefront of
innovative ideas and advanced technology

The new Honda civic is coming in 2011,there are some changes in it in Pakistan model,in new model we have some extra features such as control keys functions on staring and also have Cruisetronic and may be some extra features.It have also a sunroof like it's old models.

Once Glance and your heartbeat Quicken

All it takes a single glance.You stop in your tracks.The elegant silhouette draws you forward for a closer look.You peer into sporty cockpit and your pulse raises with excitement.Your instincts are aroused and you feel driven to grab the controls.

Meet the Honda civic it is the most powerful civic we built with sharply designed details and the presence that is nothing less than the commanding.

Well placed controls and easy to Regages.

Technology is today's luxury,more practical and technology on your fingertips.

Leading edge is just a button push away.

Performance is like just putting thoughts into motion.

Choose 4 cylinder civic good to go and go and go because variable cylinder management.

Every civic is fun to drive due to its fuel efficiency.

Safety is like in civic Built to expect the unexpected.Long list of safety features are included in civic such as ACE body structure,EBD(Electronic breakforce distribution system),ABS(Antilock Breaking system) and AIRBAGS.

Because the piece of mind should never be optional!


The civic has your whole life in mind,We built it for road

and everything is beyond it.

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