Happy Birthday Ayesha

Whose birthday is today? It belongs to a special person who is reading this message sent with beautiful wishes from someone who has been blessed by her friendship and good personality. Happy birthday...............!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today my sweet friend Miss g birthday,and i am very excited to wish her,she is very near to me and very close to me,and i receive a lot of happiness due to my friend,kun happy g thk kaha na.
I call her sometime with the name of Miss happy,hahaha and i also call her with different names but other names are personal names hahaha.
Its my best wishes for my Miss g on her birthday that she live happily like her name happy g hahaha and my prayers are always with her,Kun mere Miss happy g!

,*,,"BIRTH DAY 2 U ",,*,, ,*,",*
may God bless u joy and happiness!


Its a nice feeling when you know
that someone likes you,
someone thinks about you,
someone needs you
but it feels much better when
you know that someone
never ever forgets your birthday.

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