7 Beauty Sins to Avoid

We all want glowing skins but the truth is that our daily habits of life often taken us further from our goal.It is here point out that what we should not do or avoid it.

No tanning Beds

They age you and triple your risk for melanoma.

No longing in sweaty Gim clothes

Exercise is fantastic for skin it increase blood flow but the toxins you just released are sitting on your clothes and clogging your pores.

Not Exercising

It is just mentioned that exercise is better for your health and also for your skin.

Not using an Anti moisturizer till you are older

Start in your 20s. The number one anti-ager is a cream with SPF, which should be used every day of the year.

No going to bed with makeup on

Keep pre-moistened makeup remover cloths by your bed so being tired won’t work as an excuse.

Not cleaning your face after flying

Airplanes are full of re-circulated air that’s drying to the skin. Again, the pre-moistened makeup remover cloths can come in handy here.

Not overindulging on the inside

Drink plenty of water, avoid cola and refined sugar, eat fruits and vegetables and your skin will look so much better as a result.

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