Apple iPhone 4G for Press Conference

We’ve heard a fair bit of reports on Apple’s iPhone 4G antenna issues – so far, the Cupertinians have not stated anything on the matter.

A Detail Explanation for i Phone Reception Problem

The iPhone's "death grip" problems (which seem to strike when the iPhone 4 is held near the lower left corner, especially with the hand touching a tiny gap in the iPhone's steel antenna band) have been well documented by Consumer Reports and other reviewers and publications.

A Spirited Defense of iPhone External Antenna Design

Don't expect Steve Jobs or anyone else to throw the iPhone 4's stainless-steel antenna band under the bus. Even if Apple admits to some signal loss when the iPhone is held, uh, incorrectly, I'm sure Jobs and/or his lieutenants will insist that overall, the iPhone 4 boasts better wireless reception than any previous iPhone.

An Admission that the coming Software update won't fix the "Death Grip"

Apple never said that its promised firmware update for the iPhone 4 (which could arrive as early as Thursday) would improve the iPhone 4's reception, but it sure gave the impression that the update (which will supposedly fix the iPhone's "totally wrong" formula for calculating the number of reception bars to display) would at least make the perception of the "death grip" go away.

Free Bumpers For every one

All along, experts and even Apple itself have said that using a case—like Apple's $29 Bumper case would cure the iPhone's "death grip" woes.

An Extension For iPhone 4 Returns

Here's another easy way for Apple to assuage would-be iPhone customers spooked by the "death grip" drama: extend the window for returns from 30 days

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