BANGKOK -- Just hours after the Thai Prime Minister declared a state of emergency in and around Bangkok on Wednesday, the headquarters of a political party and a company building were struck by gunfire and grenades early Thursday morning.
The Nation reported that a pillion rider hurled an M79 grenade and fired an M16 ammunition at the TPI Polene Building located in Sathon District at around 1:30 a.m. Police authorities later recovered the used shell of the M79 grenade and M16 shells outside the building.
According to a security officer of the building, he saw a pillion rider firing a gun at the building before aiming at him. He took cover and the two men in black sped away on a motorcycle.
In a separate incident, a security guard of the New Politics Party was injured when a gunman fired an M79 grenade and M16 ammunition on the party headquarters about 30 minutes after midnight.

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