BMW Efficiency Never Looked so Stylish

Efficiency Never Looked so Stylish just prepare to experience with new BMW 3 series coupe that is enough to change your mind with new look that can be customized and power,safety,efficiency,features that is nothing less than commanding and safety is just expect to unexpected.

BMW 328i and 335i rear-wheel drive (xDrive is available on the Coupe), near-perfect 50-50 weight distribution, remarkably precise steering, and skillfully engineered suspension...all of which conspire to produce the uniquely satisfying driving experience that is quintessentially BMW.

The Friend I like to Talk About

Who is it? i am going to talk? It belongs to a special person who is reading this message sent with beautiful wishes from someone who has been blessed by her friendship and good personality.

Someone who is special meet my friend Hedieh, Let me formally introduced, a very sweet girl and have a very pretty heart and I like her really, she said that she want to live with herself and you know she is Arabic and English teacher also and she is itself a student of law, so that’s the thing she is good that she is responsible.

Hedieh don’t please angry on me I really want u to tell that everything in my mind about you, so sorry if u feel bad and I do not want to tell a lie with you and my English is weak, English teacher so don’t mind hahaha and there is something that I want to said

When you Think you are not happy with your
Always think that someone is happy simply Because

Wrestlemania 27 on 3rd March

In the world wrestling the top event wrestlemania is coming on 3rd march and there is also a final of another big event is in march that is cricket so on these big events of march there are many superstars in wretlemania and one person specially Dead man The Undertaker the undefeated person in the wrestlemania till the time the world biggest superstar,so lets take a look on these matches....

  • Undertaker vs HHH (No Holds Barred)
  • The Miz vs John Cena (WWE Title)
  • Edge vs Alberto Del Rio (World Heavyweight Title)
  • Jerry Lawler vs Michael Cole (With Jack Swagger on Cole’s corner and Stone Cold as special referee)
  • Randy Orton vs CM Punk
  • Rey Mysterio vs Cody Rhodes
  • John Morrison, Trish Stratus and Snooki vs Dolph Ziggler and LayCool
  • Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan (US Title)
  • Not to mention The Rock being the guest host of the PPV Event.
So prepare to experience on these big events.

Sneak Peak of Harry Potter&Deathly Hallows 2

Harry potter is a series of fantasy novels written by British author J.K Rowling and after its first part it gives a lot of fame and after this its all amazing and fantastic stories get exciting and now finally its last and final part deathly hallows 2 is in cinema theaters.

Security Threats on Facebook

Forget those phishing emails that attempt to get your credit card or bank sign-in information. When crooks want to know how to get into your bank account, they post a message on Facebook. These messages appear so innocuous and so appropriate in the Facebook setting that you are likely to not only get conned, but pass on the scam.

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HP Veer Phone

HP veer is coming in early 2011 3g slider mobile 8000 MB built in memory qwerty keyboard and also touch screen.
It have a 800MHz processor and 512 Ram and 5MP camera.

Samsung Glaxay SII is Coming

Samsung is introducing its new device Galaxy SII that is an android 2.3 phone and is coming in early 2011 with the improved features and more details with sleek design and further hardware improvements.
The most biggest change is latest Amoled plus screen display than old ordinary Amoled display which have more that have 12 mega pixels than ordinary 8 mega pixels.
That's why its screen is looking more good and rich colors with a 4.3" 800*480 resolution screen.
Galaxy SII have a 1GHz dual processor,8MP camera with flash support,1GB ram and internal storage memory is 32GB.

It has HSDPA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and A-GPS for Satellite Navigation. All over it's an amazing phone.

Showpan is back

Today after a big time i am again enter in my blog and i am very happy to know that i have now 2 page rank of my blog so i decided once again to write on my blog and to make our blog at high rank and it will be my huge effort.So Prepare to Experience with Showpan it will Reverse your Thinking.